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Philip: This is a cool way of learning the characters., Any chance of getting grammar videos?. Please!!!!
Bentley: I am surprised by some of the stories. Even my Chinese teacher didn’t know about them.
Stephen: I love watching your videos on my mobile. The App is great Thanks!
Theon: I am glad to learn the real reason for the design characters one now. I had been guessing the reason and getting it
Paul: Wow! I have been trying to find something like this for a long time. Xiexie!
Oscar: I discover in many stories some little thing that I didn’t know before. It’s also nice to learn history in this format.
Simon: It is like watching Netflix, I watched half of your videos in one go!. And I feel as making good use of my time. Haha
Mohammed: I like watching Cangjies videos while I am commuting to University.
Angel: It helps with memorizing the characters. Some videos I only need to watch them once, and I still remember. Easy
Mario: The history of the Characters, make me also understand Chinese culture. Some are also great fun to watch.
Hugo: I am watching these videos as part of my learning routine, and I love it so far.
Romeo: I like including on my classes one or two Cangjies short videos as the students engage and make the classes more dynamic.
Olivia: Great way of learning also the history of China while getting to learn the characters. Thanks, God for the English subtiltles!
Amelia: I enjoy that they are quick videos and I can watch them during my lunch break.
Sophie,: This is the only place I had found about the history of Chinese characters. A great way of learning fast and it's fun.
Isla: Very nice design. The English subtitles are great to follow along as my Chinese is still not good enough.

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伞 尘

吊 丁 豆

多 夫 斤 久

具 吕